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Agriculture and Biological EngineeringBiological Engineering

Through a degree in Biological Engineering you can address issues related to the basic necessities of life‚Ķplentiful food, energy, clean water, and a safe environment along with exploring sustainable packaging solutions through Packaging Engineering.  The program also fulfills requirements for professional programs in medicine and dental and veterinary medicine.

Agriculture Operations ManagementAg. Operations Management

Agricultural Operations Management prepares graduates to apply technology and management skills to energy and environmental systems, agricultural production, and technical sales. 

Graduate StudentsGraduate Students

Graduate students may pursue advanced degrees in all areas. Highly qualified students should consider our combined Bachelor's/Master's degree program.

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Outstanding Undergrads

Shannon BrownABE senior Shannon Brown is the recipient of the Four-Year Scholar Award from the College of Engineering. She will be recognized at the Spring commencement ceremony.

ABE also congratulates Kristen Byers and Donald Bejleri on their selection as University Scholars for 2014-2015.

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